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Your first appointment with a hearing expert.

Regular hearing tests help you to recognize hearing loss early on.
When was the last time you had your hearing tested?

What to expect

You have probably wondered already what will happen during an expert consultation. Let us put your mind at ease and give you an idea of what you can expect at your first appointment.

1. Plan enough time

Your first visit will last about an hour. If you like, you may ask a relative or friend to accompany you. Many people feel more secure that way. A friendly face by your side is particularly helpful if there are communication issues.

2. Ear examination

The audiologist, hearing aid dispenser or ENT specialist will examine your ears. This is to check for problems like excessive wax or ear infections.

3. Hearing test

After the examination, the audiologist, hearing aid dispenser or ENT specialist will do a hearing test. You will be given headphones and the expert will play a sequence of tones, some of these tones will be loud and easy to hear and some will be soft and a little harder to hear. The only thing you have to do is to let the expert know or press a button when you hear a tone. After the examination and hearing tests the expert will be able to tell you more about your hearing and your hearing loss.

4. Selection of hearing solutions

At the end of the consultation, the expert will explain all options available to you in order to recover your hearing. You will be shown a selection of hearing aids that are appropriate for your hearing loss. The differences and advantages of the products will be explained to you.

Now is a good time to ask all the questions you might have and to give the expert as much information as possible. The more he or she knows about you, the better the help you will receive. Therefore it is advisable to think about situations where you struggle with hearing (during family gatherings, during meetings, in loud environments, while watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to music etc.)  before you come to the appointment.


Customization of your new hearing aid

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Hearing experts near you

Hearing care professionals can help you make the choice that is perfect for you. They will consider your hearing needs, your budget, your lifestyle and your individual hearing preferences.