Automatically connects students’ Roger receivers to the room’s existing Roger network.

This wall-mounted device, positioned next to the door, automatically connects students’ Roger receivers to the room’s existing Roger network the moment they step into the room. Teachers can connect their microphones too, simply by switching these on close to the Roger WallPilot.

Compatible products

Roger Focus II

Naída UP pair

Helps your child to focus by delivering the teacher’s voice directly to your child’s ear.

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Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Sky M-SP

Phonak Sky Marvel combines the world’s first technological innovations and child-specific designs to support children of all ages.

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Phonak Sky™ Link M

Naída UP pair

Combining hearing performance, child-specific features and connectivity to Roger™ and Bluetooth® enabled devices. Sky™ Link M can be paired with an Advanced Bionics (AB) pediatric sound processor making a truly bimodal solution. A Sky Link M fitting prior to cochlear implantation helps kids to have a seamless transition to their cochlear implant, ensuring continuity of the sound that they know as they continue to develop in their new bimodal world. 

– 13 zin-air battery
– Moderate to profound hearing loss
– Connects to smartphones, TV, Roger™ and more
– Pediatric bilateral and bimodal solution

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