Roger™ SoundField

Plug in, turn on and teach

Roger SoundField system features quality sound and plug-and-play simplicity to amplify sound from the teacher, students, and other media sources to the entire class, including both those with and without assisted hearing. Positioned in the classroom, the Roger DigiMaster loudspeaker has multiple speakers within the tower. By using cylindrical sound dispersion, the teacher’s voice is distributed almost equally through the room. Like all other Roger devices, the system is adaptive, helping the teacher’s voice stay above the noise.

Proven SoundField benefits                                

  • Students’ listening and learning skills improve1
  • Less speaker repetition required
  • Enhanced class instruction and management
  • Less teacher vocal strain2 
  • Bluetooth® connectivity to multimedia devices in classrooms

1. Cornwell, S. & Evans, C.J. (2001). The effects of soundfield amplification on attending behaviours. Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 25(3), 135–144.
2. Cruz, A. D. da, Silvério, K. C. A., Ribeiro, V. V. & Jacob, R. T. de S. (2016). Dynamic soundfield system impact on the teacher’s voice: case report. Revista CEFAC, 18(5), 1260–1270.

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