Serenity Choice™ / Plus Sleep

A moderate snorer reaches 50–60 dB whilst severe snoring can hit 90 dB. To put that in perspective; a car horn is around 90 dB! Serenity Choice™ Sleep reduces the sound level by 24 dB, eliminating or reducing sound to a non-intrusive level.

  • Reduces the effect of a partner snoring
  • Noisy hotels – reduces noise from lifts, revellers, kitchen, etc.
  • Street noise – reduction in car noise, refuse collection, revellers, etc
  • Deeper rest
Phonak Serenity Choice Plus Sleep

Mini concha

Custom hearing protection
  • Level of protection: high
  • Available in silicon in color light blue
  • No filter, sealed shell
Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep


Hearing protection
  • Available over the counter at your hearing care professional
  • Included in the box: 2 ear tips of each size (S, M, L), 2 acoustic filters 16 dB, aluminum key-ring carrying case and manual