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Roger™ for challenging listening situations

Roger solution

Advanced hearing aid technology does an excellent job of helping people hear their friends and colleagues. However, even the most powerful hearing aids have limitations in noisy environments or over distance. That’s why we’ve developed state-of-the-art wireless microphones to enhance your hearing aids. The microphones are placed on the table or on the speaker’s clothing and transmit the voice clearly, regardless of where the conversation takes place.

Roger – microphone solutions

Our Roger microphone portfolio is designed to help users who struggle in group conversations and in situations with background noise. Roger is compatible with virtually any hearing aid or cochlear implant regardless of brand and hearing loss level. Multiple Roger microphones can be used together in a MultiTalker Network.

This gives you the flexibility to focus on conversations that truly matter at work, in class or with friends.

Adaptive to sound

If the noise level increases, Roger adapts accordingly, keeping the voice of the person talking above the background noise.

Group conversations

MultiBeam Technology enables you to experience improved speech understanding in group conversations in noise1.

Access to multiple talkers

MultiTalker Network allows several Roger microphones to be used together, providing you with access to multiple talkers in any situation.

Business Meeting

In small to large meetings

With the use of one or more microphones, you will hear speech from both the presenter and any colleagues around the table.


In class and lecture halls

Roger is designed to help you hear the professor even at a distance, while minimizing the noise around you.

Social gathering

In social gatherings

In situations with a mix of conversational sounds and background noise, use a Roger microphone to focus on the person talking.

Roger for you

…across all ages
…across all degree of hearing loss
…across all types of hearing solutions

1. Thibodeau, L. (2020) Benefits in Speech Recognition in Noise with Remote Wireless Microphones in Group Settings J Am Acad Audiol. 2020 Jun; 31(6): 404–411

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